By Senayt Gaim

Classic Style Tips for all body shapes

How many times has this happened to you? You find the perfect dress in a magazine- run and buy it, then realize it looks horrible on you.  You wonder how this beautiful dress could look so bad, when it looked so good in the magazine. You decide to give it to your best friend, who looks amazing in the dress. Before you start to feel bad about yourself, realize you made one basic error.

What’s the error?

Fixing this mistake is the most important change to your fashion style. Leave it unfixed, and all your efforts to dress well will be fruitless. The mistake I’m talking about is wearing clothes that don’t fit.

Style is all about dressing for your body shape. Each of us is unique — and our bodies are, too!  Every woman should find clothes that embrace her individual body type. So how do you know which body shape you have? Spend some time in the mirror, take a look at your body honestly and check to see which one fits. There are five general categories: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass- find the one that fits you.

It’s important to understand that all shapes and sizes have problem areas. The key is to focus on your best asset and be confident. Let your true personal style come out. Below is a list of each one and the do’s and don’ts for your body shape.

If you are a Pear Shape-pastedGraphic.png

  • – Lower body is wider than your upper body.
  • – Hips are wider than your shoulders.
  • -Your waist is well-defined.
  • -Smaller bust line.

Celebritiy Pear shapes: Beyonce, Sharika, Halle Berry


  • Accessorize and wear designs to draw attention to your upper body with bust enhancing neckline and slimming waistline.
  • Emphasize your waist with belts.
  • Wear skirts and dresses that are straight or slightly flared.


  • Wear anything baggy.

Pears have an amazing waistline and should be showing it off! Style challenges include finding clothing items that fit both your tiny waist and your wide hips. Try getting clothes tailored to have them show your waist. Stay away from baggy clothes!

If you are a Wedge ShapepastedGraphic_1.png

  • – Broad chest and wide shoulders.
  • – Long slim legs, may also have a flat bottom.
  • – Proportionally large bustline.
  • – You have little to no waist definition.
  • -Project a sporty and athletic physique.

Celebrity wedge shapes: Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellweger, Giselle Bunchen


  • Create curves by waist defining tops, shirts, dresses, sweaters and jackets.
  • Show your legs.
  • Wear flared pants
  • Wear tops and dresses that flow through the waist.


  • Wear styles that emphasize your shoulders.
  • Wear bulky prints.
  • Wear spaghetti-strap tops.

The wedge is known for its sporty and athletic physique, where the shoulders are the broadest part of the body and the lower bottom is the smallest. The key is to soften or draw attention away from your shoulders and more towards your bottom or waist. Wrap styles tops and dresses are perfect for this type of body.

If you are a Rectangular shape: pastedGraphic_2.png 

  • -Straight, boyish body type.
  • -Small bust line.
  • -Waist, hip, and shoulder width are similar.
  • -No waist definition.

Celebrity rectangular shapes: Cameroon Diaz, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman


  • Try long tops and jackets to create the lean look.
  • Wear semi-fitted clothes while to defining your waist with a belt.
  • Wear short-sleeves and sleeve-less tops and dresses.
  • Try dresses that wrap or flow through the waistline.
  • Experiment with straight to gently flared flat-fronted pants.
  • Wear A-line shirts and pencil skirts.


  • Wear clingy fabrics.
  • Wear fitted clothes.
  • Wear low necklines.
  • Wear baggy tops and pants.
  • Wear narrow skirts.
  • Do clashing prints.

Rectangular shapes are known for their striking long lean looks. If you have a rectangular body shape then it means that your shape could have a slight masculine look. One of the most important goals with this body shape is to help make your waist look more defined, more like an hourglass. The most essential thing to own is a waist belt.

If you are an Apple Shape: pastedGraphic_2.png

  • – You carry weight around your mid-section and chest.
  • -Your waistline is undefined.
  • – You have slim limbs.
  • –You have narrow hips.

Celebrity Apple shapes: Queen Latifah, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Hudson


  • Trim the waist with belts.
  • Wear a V-neck to emphasize your shoulders and a longer torso.
  • Try a good fitting bra and support underwear (ex: spanx).
  • Wear empire tops and dresses that flow through the waistline.
  • Try straight flat-fronted pants in soft, flowing fabric.
  • Try straight and slightly flared skirts that are shorter to draw attention away from your midsection.


  • Wear clingy fabrics.
  • Wear high necklines.

Apples normally have nice legs! The goal for the apple is balance, that is, to make your torso look longer and make your shoulders and waist appear slimmer. Choose clothes that slim and not cling. Apples need good fitting, well-adjusted bras and support underwear to give their bodies more shape.

If you are an Hourglass body shape: pastedGraphic.png

  • -Hips and shoulders are proportionate.
  • -Tiny waist.

Celebrity hourglass shapes:  Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek


  • Wear fitted dresses and fitted clothes.
  • Try soft, clingy, flowing fabrics that are waist defining.
  • Wear low to medium-low necklines.
  • Try skinny or straight leg jeans.


  • Wear baggy styles

Hourglasses are known for their curvy, attractive body shape. Hourglass figures should look for pieces that draw attention to their narrow waists but should stay away from bulky and boxy clothing styles.  It’s hard for hourglasses to go shopping for their shape, so tailored pieces are best.

Senayt Gaim

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